Understanding Non-Nurturing Elements

During our formative years, we can either be raised in nurturing environments or non-nurturing environments, or both.

Regardless of which environment we were raised in, there are always flaws that get in the way of us being adaptive or feeling like we’re unconditionally supported and loved. There can be themes such as a caregiver being critical or controlling, never being home, or having addictions.

As children and young adults, we internalized all these themes, environments, and elements, thus forming Limiting Beliefs, a term which we will discuss in our next segment of Shift 101. What’s SHIFT 101 you ask? SHIFT 101 is a video series that takes big psychological words and breaks them down in a way you can understand, either for those folks who don’t know anything about psychology or for those who are just interested in what goes on at ShiftGrit Psychology & Counselling. So be sure to keep up to date with our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to see these videos!

Shift 101 – Learn the Shift Language

We don’t want to be throwing jargon at you but it’s essential that you have a basic understanding of some of these concepts