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Men’s Mental Health: ScotiaBank Presentation

May is Mental Health Month, and we’re proud to partner with Scotiabank to shed light on men’s Mental Health

In a world filled with endless possibilities, why do so many of us find ourselves stuck in cycles of burnout, stress, and unfulfillment?

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The ShiftGrit Psychology & Counselling Protocol in Calgary, Canada – A Game-Changing Approach in Mental Health Therapy

The Shift Protocol is a step-by-step plan that serves as the backbone of therapy and a method of reliably identifying a wide range of client issues. It’s designed to recalibrate the client’s cognitive perspective, and subconscious reactions, so they can best life’s challenges.

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ShiftGrit Psychology & Counselling Launches New Couples Counselling Service in Calgary

The launch of ShiftGrit Psychology & Counselling's new Couples Counselling service is designed to help couples in romantic partnerships resolve conflicts and improve their relationship. The service is available online and in-person, and utilizes various techniques to help couples work through challenges.

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Renowned Calgary Psychologists at ShiftGrit Psychology & Counselling Have a Protocol That Gets Results

ShiftGrit Psychology & Counselling is a leading psychology practice in Calgary that has helped countless clients overcome their mental health challenges and build resilience.

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