How We Treat ADHD

As with all disorders and psychological concerns, Shift’s approach is to get to the root of the presenting concern, including the limiting beliefs outlined above. The ultimate goal of treatment for ADD at Shift is to remove these limiting beliefs and dysfunctional needs that inhibit a sense of hope and self-efficacy. This is done through a technique known as bilateral stimulation, and all Shift psychologists are trained in how to use this technique.  Additional therapeutic interventions that our ADHD psychologists will use may include:

  • Conducting what is known as a Life Analysis, to determine an individual’s needs and make sure they’re making enough time for those needs
  • Time management and scheduling techniques
  • Energy Matching, which is determining when an individual’s high and low energy points occur, and scheduling tasks during these times
  • With these therapeutic interventions, we can open the way to recognizing strengths and weaknesses with a level of acceptance and self-compassion for individuals with Attention-Deficit Disorder.