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ShiftGrit Psychology & Counselling - bad health habits

Do Your Habits Support or Sabotage Your Health?

We’ve all done the outdoor picnic hangouts, backyard BBQs, and road tripped across our respective provinces. But with the doom and gloom of winter upon us, we’re all thinking it: what now?!

What is Occupational Burnout and How to Cope With It

What is Occupational Burnout and How to Cope With It

Regardless of the cause, occupational burnout can impact your mental and physical well-being. In order to seek help, you must first understand the key symptoms and criteria of job burnout.

Suicide prevention and wellness

Suicide prevention and wellness: Watch for warning signs

The first step toward suicide prevention and awareness is understanding the complexities of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other mental ailments such as

psychiatrist vs psychologist vs counsellor

Psychiatrist vs Psychologist vs Counsellor

In doing your own research or having conversations with people, you may have heard some of these words come up and don’t quite know the difference between all of them.

How Does ShiftGrit Approach ADHD Treatment?

ADHD is a type of neurodivergence, which means that ADHD brains are different than typical brains.…