ShiftGrit & the Evolution of Therapy

Many people wonder, how does therapy work? We’d want them to lead the interaction if we hired an accountant to help with our taxes. If we hired a lawyer to help us with a contract, it would be the same deal. We would want them to share their professional knowledge and make a solid plan for us. Therapy with ShiftGrit is like that- led by our clinicians. But we also know the research shows that goals are better achieved when they have a detailed and logical plan to reach them laid out from the start. ShiftGrit therapists follow a specific protocol so we stay focused on getting to the root of problems to achieve widespread, lasting change at a pace respectful of our client’s time and investment.

We also believe it is the quality of the therapy provided that drives the most change, we use a feedback-informed treatment model to constantly evaluate the quality of the therapy we provide. And, while we want our clients to like our therapists as individuals, we don’t rely on clinician-client fit as the central mechanism of change- we know we aren’t experts on our client’s experiences or perspectives. Hence, clients pop into our framework for therapy to create the ultimate therapist-client alliance. With us, professional knowledge meets self-knowledge for beautiful results.

How To Supercharge Your Life With ShiftGrit Therapy

By recognizing the limiting beliefs at play and the behaviours, thoughts and cognitions that are associated with the belief our clients get an accurate view of some of the obstacles they have been trying to tackle for years.

  • Structured plan from the start
  • The therapist directed for efficiency and maximum results
  • Specially trained therapists
  • Not focused on cognitive strategies you have to remember to use
  • Origin (not surface level) approach
  • Teaches the cognitive mind, The Why of the problem…
  • Retrains new, automatic responses in the mind
  • Changes show up in new, automatic responses

Who are the Mixed Nuts?

We needed a way to explain common life struggles that we see our clients face. In our industry, we’re unable to use client testimonials so we came up with a unique way to showcase how our therapy works and help you be able to identify with common concerns we see in therapy. Our nut friends are teaching tools! You might see yourself in Praline’s struggle with taking on too many responsibilities, or Sheldon’s inability to open up and feel his feelings. Poke around our website to learn more about each nut.

Shift 101 – Learn the Shift Language

We don’t want to be throwing jargon at you but it’s essential that you have a basic understanding of some of these concepts