Where Does Anger Come From?

Anger can be a healthy response to stressful situations or events. We’ve all gotten angry and it can help to communicate to others that we’re not okay with something. In fact, not having the ability to display an emotional response is a whole other issue.

The feeling of anger can also be a protective mechanism, as anger tends to pop up when there is something present that is threatening to us or our survival. However, for some people, uncontrollable, overly frequent or inappropriate expressions of anger can damage relationships, career success or more. It can be an overwhelming feeling, which sometimes results in people seeking out anger management therapy.

Managing anger with maladaptive coping strategies or behaviours can push the thoughts and feelings deeper and eventually make anger control even more difficult. For men, anger is one of the more socially accepted emotions and we often experience anger secondarily to a primary emotion, which may be sadness, hurt or guilt. This means that there is often something below all of the anger.

How ShiftGrit’s Anger Management Therapy Can Help

ShiftGrit provides therapy for anger management near you identifying and treating the origins of the anger – the messages about self and the world that cause it. Then, using our unique approach we remove them. This results in an absence of reaction and an appropriate level of calm and increased mental health. This anger management program is something that gets to the root of and provides lasting change.

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