“We are building the world’s most innovative therapy experience”

- Andrea McTague

This Is The Evolution Of Therapy

We started by testing and studying the most cutting edge, well-researched, scientific approaches to therapy.  Then, we cherry-picked our favourite elements, put them in the most effective order and filled in the gaps with Shift innovations.  

But method isn’t the only thing important when it comes to delivering game-changing results.  Humans need a way to make sense of their experience in the world.  We explored neuroscience, attachment theory, Eastern philosophy, Western philosophy, evolutionary psychology and behavioural science to bring you the most logical and applicable framework possible.  Shift is a total-mind experience that combines science, technology, and therapy to guarantee maximum results that stick. 

It’s designed to recalibrate your cognitive perspective and subconscious reactions, now and in the future, so you can best life’s challenges, be more in control of your relationships, reactions, confidence and consistently approach your goals.  The work you do with us shows up in all areas of life because we train core mental fitness.

Structured And Carefully Tuned Approach

Shift offers a very structured and carefully tuned approach to therapy, which is delivered by our expert and specially trained clinicians.  They actively work to investigate and direct you toward content which will provide your desired results.  You won’t get a “so what do you want to talk about today?” question from our team because they come armed with a killer game plan.

We care about our performance because we care about your results.  Shift is built on a mission to put as many people into their custom-built realities as we can.  Let’s get you walking into yours. 

Our Reach

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