We’re changing the way therapy is done to help people lead happier, healthier, more productive lives.

Have you ever wondered why you can’t get out of your own way at times?  ShiftGrit’s Pattern Theory clearly explains The Why and where it came from.  And while awareness is the first goal of our therapy, we don’t stop there.  We use a carefully curated protocol, informed by classical conditioning, exposure and desensitization, attachment theory and neuro-psychology, to pull out the root of emotions, behaviours and thoughts that block people from achieving the life they want. Our theory and protocol have helped thousands of our clients make their life one filled with purpose, joy and balance.

What does our therapy program look like?

ShiftGrit offers a very structured and carefully tuned approach to therapy, which is delivered by our specially trained clinicians. You won’t get a “so what do you want to talk about today?” question from our team because they come armed with a wicked game plan and walk you through it- right into a better life.

In our first session, we investigate what is going on for you, identify patterns and look into their origins. We do this by taking a quick inventory of all parts of your life- from the way you sleep to your relationship history. You don’t have to come prepared- our therapists do all the investigating and will share their insights with you.

In sessions two and three, we teach you thinking mind ShiftGrit’s Pattern Theory so you are aware of what is causing your emotional reactions, behaviors and thoughts. This way, you are kept in the loop in therapy and have a better understanding of other people too.

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Inspired by the Hive

One of the central themes of our new core values is the “Hive Mentality.” This concept is influenced by the beehive, a super-organism where every member works in harmony, without rank, focusing on the collective rather than the individual. At Shift, we embrace this mentality, recognizing that our strength lies in our unity and collaborative spirit.

Core Values

  • Hive Mentality: Our best days are when we work in unity. Whether it is clinicians using the Hive chat for collaboration and support, or our CES team enhancing client understanding through sharing knowledge, recognizing each members strengths allows us to grow and succeed together.
  • Truth Over Comfort: We seek open and honest communication in all aspects of our work. Addressing issues directly, before they escalate, fosters a transparent and trusting environment.
  • Celebrate the Wins: We aim to share and celebrate our successes, whether grand or small. This not only recognizes the challenges we overcome, it also maintains a positive environment that motivates us to continue to strive for greatness.
  • Build People Up: Be a helper, contributor, inspirer, and problem solver. By empowering and trusting each other, we empower ourselves and enhance our collective abilities.
  • Be Disciplined: This value spotlights the importance of accountability and consistency in all areas of each of our practices.
  • Know, Communicate and Seek The Why: Understanding the ‘why’ behind what we do is crucial and applies to all facets of Shift. It drives our curiosity and commitment to knowledge, ensuring that each step is informed, intentional, and guided. This paves the way for continuous improvement, innovation, and breakthroughs.

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