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We use specific elements of  the most cutting edge, well-researched, scientific approaches to therapy, put them in the most effective order and boost results with Shift innovations.  Our counselling experience recalibrates your cognitive perspective and subconscious reactions, so you can crush life’s challenges, be more in control of your relationships, reactions, confidence and consistently approach your goals.  The work you do with us shows up in all areas of life because we train core mental fitness.

Counselling Services in Kelowna, British Columbia

Welcome to our elevated therapy experience; one that didn’t exist before. As of Summer 2021, we’re bringing our origin-focused therapy to Kelowna, and across BC, virtually. We provide proactive counselling, before things get out of hand (but if you’re already there, don’t worry, we can help with that too).

Our humble beginning started in Edmonton, Alberta. Using our carefully constructed therapy protocol, we’ve been able to help many Albertans faced with a wide variety of challenges, from stress and burnout to relationship problems, and we thought it was time to do the same in BC.

We truly believe that anyone can benefit from counselling; especially a carefully built and results-driven therapy program. You don’t need to have a clinical concern like depression, for example, to get something really positive out of counselling. Shift is for anyone who wants to live their ideal reality. Whether you’re trying to be a better parent, navigating a new injury or illness or experiencing a life transition like a new career in Kelowna or retirement, Shift is here for you.

ShiftGrit provides psychology and counselling services for:

Here's What Structured Therapy In Kelowna Looks Like...

The Intake

Shift therapy is an experience. We’ve meticulously built a protocol that works. Here’s how it goes. We’ll get to know as much of you as humanly possible in 50 minutes. We’ll identify your global ‘limiting beliefs (the stuff that’s at the root of your concerns).

We then take a deep dive into your limiting beliefs and create an inventory. We’ll also determine your ‘dysfunctional needs’ that pop up in response to a specific limiting belief (e.g. striving for perfection). Together, we’ll determine which limiting belief to tackle to the ground first.

Then, we’ll use bilateral stimulation to reprocess traumatic events and memories that are linked to limiting beliefs. This removes any emotion associated with the memory, thus removing the limiting belief. It sounds crazy, but trust us, it works.

Eventually, you’re left with an absence of response. That’s the goal, to not be activated and bothered by the things you used to be. We repeat this process for as many limiting beliefs as you’d like. The time spent in therapy is different for everyone.

Also, therapy is kind of like going to the gym. You get out what you put in.

More About Our Kelowna Therapists

Kelowna is one of Canada’s many beautiful cities; situated snugly along Okanagan Lake with a view of the Rocky Mountains. We’re really excited to now be offering our psychological services in Kelowna, even virtually. Our BC psychologists are all trained in the Shift method and focused on delivering an elevated therapy experience.

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Tips To Practice Self Care In Kelowna

Kelowna is a beautiful city with no shortage of ways to keep yourself active both physically and mentally. We all know that taking care of our minds is just as important as taking care of our bodies. You wouldn’t put your body through an ridiculously challenging obstacle course day after day would you? Why do the same to your mind? Take the time you need to ensure that you are fulfilled in different areas of your life, and this of course includes self care. Here are some ways to do just in Kelowna.

  1.  lake day with family
  2. vineyards
  3. outdoor stuff – bikes, etc
  4. try a new cuisine
  5. spend time on your own? hike?
  6. connect with nature – orchards
  7. board game cafe
  8. arts – try new things – galleries and museums
  9. sports
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