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Welcome to our elevated therapy experience; one that didn’t exist before. As of Summer 2021, we’re bringing our origin-focused therapy to Vancouver, and across BC, virtually. We provide proactive counselling, before things get out of hand (but if you’re already there, don’t worry, we can help with that too).

Our humble beginning started in Edmonton, Alberta. Using our carefully constructed therapy protocol, we’ve been able to help many Albertans faced with a wide variety of challenges, from stress and burnout to relationship problems, and we thought it was time to do the same in BC.

How Does Shift Therapy Work?

A dedicated Concierge Service specialist will manage your booking from start to finish, providing the expertise necessary to ensure your questions are answered.

Get ready for directed, structured and results-driven therapy starting with "The Intake Session" where we’ll get to know as much of you as humanly possible in 50 minutes.

A deep dive into your limiting beliefs and determine your ‘dysfunctional needs’. Then it's time to reprocess traumatic events and remove the limiting beliefs.

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More About Our Vancouver Counsellors

We’re really excited to now be offering our counselling services in Vancouver, even virtually. Our BC Counsellors are all trained in the Shift method and focused on delivering an elevated therapy experience.

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