Getting over a divorce separation is a lot like getting over a death. It’s the death of a set of dreams, of goals, of shared memories, and often of a physical place; and sometimes a family arrangement too.

divorce separation

This residue comes in several forms:

  • The need to grieve losses
  • The need to develop life goals/plans
  • Emotional fallout management
  • Co-parenting plan development
  • Divorce process management and separation planning
  • Stress management around finances and process
  • Controlling for overflow into new relationships
  • Need to comprehend and learn from the relationship

Shift identifies challenge areas following a divorce separation and then ties them to the limiting belief that needs to be reprocessed. Once the trauma portion of the limiting belief is removed, the solution can be developed and applied easily.

No one wants their relationship to flow into their next, or to carry regrets or injuries throughout adulthood, so address these with the ShiftGrit protocol before they get in the way of your dream reality.