Licensed, accredited, and experienced therapists who can help you with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, relationships, trauma, grief, and more. For our therapists, we built out or own little mini university in the background to make sure we’ve got continued mentorship, consultation, focused training and that’s after hiring amazing people that already come out of school with great education.

We are really, really, really militant so we are constantly evolving as a team but we are also always focused on creating this elevated client experience and that’s EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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Please fill out our request form which details the issues you’d like to deal with in therapy, your availability and if you are seeking online or in-person sessions. It will help us match you with the most suitable therapist for your needs. Your answers will also give our counsellor a head start in planning your treatment.

Counselling Edmonton:

Our Edmonton psychologists have been in the community since 2014, and we practice a particular brand of therapy. Our unique structured protocol draws from researched therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Bilateral Stimulation and exposure therapy. Serving the Westmount community and the greater Edmonton area.

We offer individual counselling and child psychology, and treat many clinical concerns including depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD and OCD. We also love helping people optimize their lives, supporting them through their relationship concerns, parenting, weight management, and more.

Edmonton Counselling News

Understanding Somatic Symptom Disorder and Its Symptoms

Understanding Somatic Symptom Disorder and Its Symptoms

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Incremental Goals

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ShiftGrit Psychology

10445 124 Street, Edmonton, AB, T5N 1R7, Canada

ShiftGrit Psychology

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There is street parking available at 12302 Stony Plain Road – Lot #483

If you are not able to find street parking, there are a few parking lots that are available near the office.

12302 Stony Plain Road – Lot #483
10313-10335 124 St NW Parking
12417 – 105th Avenue NW – Lot #357
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