I see myself as a pretty average person. Once upon a time I got stuck on some stuff I couldn’t put aside, and needed something that would help. A long non-descript directory in my hands, I randomly chose from the list of similarly described counsellors, and hoped they had some idea of what they were doing. I met one, then two.

No game plan. Lots of talking. Some insights, but I still stumbled against the same blocks. All different. Some sessions I had an idea of what the goal was, some I had no idea what I had just spent the $100 + dollars on. Then, I found an okay fit, who I stuck with for a while. It was an arduous process, one that paid off in the end, but left much to be improved.

That’s what I set out to do. Improve the psychological experience and results.

When my team and I built Shift and its client experience, we considered every hurdle, irritation and challenge the therapy-seeking me, and many others, faced. We built a brand and experience that flips stigma the bird. We speak with clarity in the absence of psychobabble, to explain what clients are buying directly to them. We built a protocol that follows a damn good plan and produces measured results. We don’t have aimless sessions. We laugh, swear, chat, and are real people, not manufactured paraphrasing pity-spewers. We produce a tonne of free content so you can get to know us before popping your therapy cherry.

We made apps to expand the therapy experience beyond one hour a week.

We provide an online booking experience for convenience. We put wicked art on the walls and play mad mixes. We want people to have fun, draw on our etch-a-sketches, play with a slinky, and feel like they’re done with us when they’re done.

We made it for me but Shift is for you.

– Andrea McTague, Registered Psychologist & Founder