The Sheer Busy Factor

Identify Priorities

We work with clients to find the time, identify priorities, create boundaries, and structure a well-balanced parenting-life balance that prevents burnout, increases satisfaction and delivers a high functioning family life.


Being a Great Role-Model

The “monkey see, monkey do” aspect of children can be fun and gratifying or deeply unsettling when we don’t feel we are modelling the best of behaviours or messages. Shifters work to identify challenge areas and then remove the underlying causes so you can be that patient, upbeat, involved parent you want to be.

Take inventory

Navigating Kid Challenges

Sometimes your bundle of joy comes with significant concerns that need a road map and would benefit from some of our psychological skill. We take inventory, provide psychoeducational information and deliver ways to create excellence and minimize negative impacts on parent and child.

Be Proactive

Separation, Divorce, and Blended Family Concerns

Whether proactively or disastrously dealt with, changes to the family structure present stressors and complexity. In our individual therapy with parents, stepparents or adult children in these circumstances, we lay the groundwork to manage these effectively and proactively, to create harmony in the family unit and within the individual.

Specific Method

Postpartum Anxiety, Depression and Birth Trauma

This is a common parenting challenge. It’s nice when things go smoothly, but in life, we know that’s not always the case. Shifters apply our specific method to unearth the underlying reasons for pregnancy and birth related challenges. Next, they work to correct them so that new parents can enjoy this special stage of life.

Create Alignment

Parents with ADHD Children

Parents of children with ADHD face a unique set of challenges. They must navigate the complexities of an often misunderstood condition while providing unwavering support. Balancing schoolwork, social interactions, and family life becomes a demanding task. They may grapple with the frustration of observing their child struggle with focus, impulsivity, and hyperactivity, attributes inherent to ADHD.