Renowned Calgary Psychologists at ShiftGrit Psychology & Counselling Have a Protocol That Gets Results

Calgary, Alberta, Canada – May 3, 2023 —

ShiftGrit Psychology & Counselling is a leading psychology practice in Calgary that has helped countless clients overcome their mental health challenges and build resilience. The ShiftGrit location in Calgary houses a skilled team of counsellors, therapists, and psychologists who are dedicated to their client’s well-being and positive outcomes. Their unique approach and renowned psychologists have made them the go-to choice for individuals seeking effective and standardized treatment plans. In this article, we will explore the principles and protocol behind ShiftGrit’s Mental Health Counselling success.

Understanding the ShiftGrit Mental Health Counselling Unique Approach

ShiftGrit Psychology & Counselling has a unique value proposition in the world of therapy. We have identified a few major issues with the way therapy has been traditionally done and worked hard to come up with solutions to each of these failures in the field. At the very core of Shift, we hold five core values: Destigmatize, Demystify, Create Accessibility, Truth Over Comfort, and Freedom to Transcend.

Value #1. Destigmatize

Therapists are stigmatized. At Shift, we believe going to therapy should be something people are proud of. It means that our clients have a growth mindset and want to create the best possible lives for themselves and the people around them. So we created a brand that communicates this: it is aspirational, it is celebratory, and it tells the story to our client that people can be proud of doing therapy.

Value #2: Demystify

Therapy is mysterious. We realized the public doesn’t know how therapists help them, what good therapy looks like or even how they can tell if it is working. So, we created a therapy program (or protocol, as we call it) that can be explained, start to finish in normal language and use metrics to measure the work of our therapists. It is also why we have blogs, social media shares, a podcast, etc.- so there is no mystery about what we do, what they are buying, or how we do it.

Value #3: Create Accessibility

Therapy isn’t accessible. A lot of people think that making things cheaper or discounted is what makes a service or a product accessible, but this isn’t true. We don’t have smartphones because they are inexpensive, we have them because we know what they can do for us and think the cost is worth it based on this. We use smartphones because they are easy to understand and easy to fit into our lives. In this sense, Shift sees accessibility through a much bigger lens, encompassing not just financial accessibility, but intellectual and interpersonal accessibility as well.

Value #4: Freedom to Transcend

Much like our clients, many therapists feel stuck or limited by their own inadequacies, challenges, or even some of the outdated ways the therapy field has viewed things. While Continuing Education initiatives can be helpful, they should not be held as sufficient proof that a therapist is delivering quality care. At Shift, we believe that supporting therapist development is the only way to reliably deliver quality therapy to our clients.

Value #5. Truth Over Comfort

One of the challenges of being a therapist is that good feedback is hard to find, and it’s easy to just stay comfortable. Often, the demand for therapists far outweighs the supply of therapists’ time, which disincentivizes therapists to continually seek out the areas in which they can improve.

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How ShiftGrit Psychology & Counselling Stands Out from Other Practices

We believe in our mission to solve these problems for our consumers so much that we made these our actionable core values: Destigmatize, Demystify, Create Accessibility, Truth Over Comfort, and Freedom to Transcend. These aren’t values that we developed once Shift was up and running by some boardroom full of suits; they’re values that informed our very desire to create Shift in the first place, and they’re baked into every element of the company.

At Shift, we’ve made it our job to be obsessed with creating an elevated therapy experience. One that not only delivers on but exceeds client expectations. That way, the client can rest easy knowing their search for the right therapy is over and the healing can begin. Without the Client Experience as a “North Star,” we’ve seen therapists get lost in the weeds of common factors, outcome studies, and diagnostic criteria. When in doubt, simply ask yourself “If I, or someone I love, was the client, how would I feel? What would I expect?”

Determined to maintain its reputation as Calgary’s premier mental health clinic and counselling service provider, ShiftGrit Psychology & Counselling offers a diverse range of services to address each client’s unique needs. These services include but are not limited to, anxiety treatment, depression treatment, self-esteem, workplace stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, couples counselling, trauma, Exposure Therapy, and ADHD counselling. All these clinical concerns are treated with the same standardized Shift Protocol, which systematically reduces and/or eliminates Limiting Beliefs using Reconditioning via Exposure & Integration (REI) (more commonly referred to as Reprocessing). 

In alignment with its mission to provide the best possible mental health care, the clinic continually works to refine these services, emphasizing measurable positive outcomes.

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