Join Zac and Natasha while they discuss some of the feelings of disgust and shame which often arise in regards to conversations about sex. Natasha mentions that these ideas are embedded in historical issues and emerging directions of control, whether it be Religion or family inheritance. They then explore the age old question of, “What makes for a good healthy sexuality?”.

Natasha puts forth seven principles which seem to be factors based on the research.

  1. Issues around consent and duty.
  2. Being non-exploitative – In a sense punishing the other one if we don’t get what we want.
  3. Unwanted pregnancy and STI’s – practising safe sex and being open and honest about sexual history
  4. Honesty – “Can I be honest about my sexual preferences?”
  5. Mutual Pleasure – prioritizing each others sexual pleasure.
  6. Feeling guilty – can result from following the wrong or someone else narrative script for how we should act and why.

There are a lot of things which we see as being tied to a healthy sexual relationship and sex therapy.

Some of these things are culturally ingrained or learned through our family or friend groups growing up. Some are tied to evolutionary or biological programs running unconsciously.