We wanted a more streamlined method of providing Bilateral stimulation to our clients and now we have it. We are bound and determined to enhance the field of Psychology and the public’s accessibility to it. The app is being used for our clientele at Shift now! Part of the Shift Protocol uses bilateral stimulation in both hemispheres of the brain to help with reprocessing trauma.

Why does Shift have a Reprocessing Application?

We want clients to have access to bilateral stimulation at home so they can use some of the activities that they get in therapy to extend their therapy and enhance their experience. We also wanted a more streamlined method of providing BLS in the office as compared to the presently available methods which tend to be cumbersome and antiquated.

Reprocess requires the use of earphones. The sound will activate in corresponding ears. It also allows you to adjust the tempo to find your optimum reprocessing speed. The application also allows for the tandem visual BLS with alternating lights. You can even customize your light colour and type of sound to make the experience as effective as possible!