Workaholics don’t have to ignore quality relationships as the stereotype may infer.

They know how you take your coffee, your favourite restaurant, maybe even your deepest, darkest secrets.

Your ‘work spouse’ is a co-worker with whom you share a special, personal bond but without any of that romantic spark.

So-called ‘office marriages’ may sound like little more than light-hearted fodder for around the water cooler. But it’s a term that’s becoming increasingly recognized by workplace researchers and psychologists.

“I think it’s that level of intimacy at work where you can come in and someone knows if you’ve had a good day or a bad day, and somebody knows that you need cookies immediately if you’ve had a bad day,” said Edmonton psychologist Andrea McTague

McTague said co-workers often develop close bonds as a way to deal with long hours spent away from home.

She admitted she has developed a co-dependent relationship with fellow psychologist Julie Curley, who she affectionately calls ‘Jules.’

“We’re definitely work spouses,” they both said in unison during a Monday morning interview on CBC radio show Edmonton AM.

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