Shift is a game-changer in the world of life optimization. The first boutique psychology provider to bring a client-facing branded therapy approach to the high performing consumer. We are results-driven mind trainers for people who hate barriers.

How could we possibly assist our clients in building their custom realities if we are not doing the same for ourselves individually and in the organization as a whole? Shift was developed to address the five main limitations that prevent people from proactively seeking psychological services or counselling services to enhance their lives.  As we identified core values, they are stigma, demystification, accessibility, freedom to transcend & truth over comfort.   These values inform the “why” or the mission of our organization.  We are also dedicated to a growth mindset and living our own values as individuals and as an organization. This is why embodiment and truth over comfort have been included.

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We want clients to be proud of attending therapy and shout it to the world. Our environment, our language and our client psycho-education promote a proactive, self-empowering and an egalitarian experience.

ShiftGrit Psychology & Counselling -

We share our knowledge, provide additional resources and tonnes of free content so clients understand what we do, how we do it and why; even before they come to see us.

The Shift Show

Not everyone can afford therapy and we want to change this difficult truth. Additional resources, podcasts and blogs can help bridge the gap, as well as our mobile application, lmtls, which extends therapy beyond a 50-minute session and helps you get more out of your time with Shift.

Lmtls Mobile App

We believe in the ability to live beyond the confines of limits, to reach for the stars and grab at the exceptional, be it in our lives, those of our clients or throughout our industry. Freedom to transcend is the manifestation of personal empowerment.

Speaking difficult truths, to each other or our clients come in the form of crucial conversations and nets gains quickly. We consult often, pay attention to metrics and statistics, and expect excellence of each other, as well as of management.

ShiftGrit Psychology & Counselling -

Save time and money in session!

Download the psychometric cognitive diary application developed for identifying your limiting beliefs

When you spend your own time thoughtfully constructing the stories that are connected to your limiting beliefs, you get a head start on your therapy session. This will save you time and money because the therapist will be able to get straight to targeting your active limiters.

Fixed and Growth Mindsets

The Harvard Business review wrote an article about what having a “growth mindset” actually means. It says that;

Individuals who believe their talents can be developed (through hard work, good strategies, and input from others) have a growth mindset.

For individuals who are looking to improve their life with psychological services, we must ask similar questions as the mindset coach. What is the need for leadership?, What does it mean to be a leader? and  What is daily self development?

The article finds that those with a fixed mindset achieve less in terms of personal development. They define a “fixed minset” as one who believes their talents are inate gifts. When an organization sets challenging goals it helps develop great leaders. When we develop great leaders we not only empower our team member but also provide them with the leadership skills to help clients with effective goal setting themselves.

Many challenges that people face when developing that growth mindset are the non-cognitive triggers which Shift refers to as limiting beliefs. If we receive pushback or critisism people can often fall back into old maladaptive habits of behaviour.