For many people, summer is traditionally one of the happiest times of year. Pool parties, beach trips, long strolls through the farmer’s market, weekend getaways to the lake, and soaking up all that sunshine – it seems nearly impossible to be anything but happy however summertime depression does still occur.

Summer Depression

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case for many people. For some, summer brings on a bout of what many psychologists term “summer depression.” Although the science isn’t exactly clear on what causes summer depression, there are a few possible causes: seasonal affective disorder (periodic bouts of depression that coincide with the changing of the seasons), body image, financial woes, the heat, and a disruption of routine are all some of the reasons why people tend to feel blue around this time of year.

ShiftGrit Depression Therapy


Shift can help. We use a unique protocol combining cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and bi-lateral stimulation to help you figure out new ways to get happy and start enjoying your life.


How Shift Can Help

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