ShiftGrit’s Game Plan To Get Rid Of Anxiety

A unique and effective program to remove anxiety

Simply put, anxiety is unrelenting and exaggerated worry about something. That something can be many things; anywhere from anxiety about a future event, to a phobia of spiders. Anxiety treatment allows us to address this range of concerns.

Anxiety can cause us to ruminate for hours about things that we perceive to be threats, but are not actually threats to our well being or survival.  For example, if someone had anxiety related to health, they may incessantly worry and ruminate on it, search the web for hours, fly into panicked states or have sleepless nights filled with racing thoughts all despite making a doctor’s appointment.

ShiftGrit Psychology & Counselling - anxiety treatment
ShiftGrit Psychology & Counselling - anxiety treatment

How do I know if I have anxiety?

A few quick questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I avoid situations because I’ll get overwhelmed?
  • Do I have physical symptoms like sweaty palms, stomach issues, racing heart, etc?
  • Do my thoughts keep me up at night?
  • Do thoughts pop into my head and play over repeatedly of worries or fears?
  • Do I get decision paralysis?
  • Is it hard to focus my thoughts?
  • Do I feel like something bad is about to happen often?

Anxiety shows up in many different ways, and with varying levels of severity. If you think you might have anxiety, or know that you do, therapy can help.

The situations that trigger your anxiety and the subsequent themes of your anxiety aren’t necessarily the root cause of your anxiety.

For example, your anxiety today might be focused on getting a bad rating at work, but in the past it could have been getting in trouble in math class and in the future it might be making your romantic partner upset. The triggers for anxiety can move around. It is inefficient to treat each trigger individually because it doesn’t make you less likely to keep experiencing anxiety symptoms.

This is why, at ShiftGrit, we want to first identify the root causes of your anxiety. Then, we want to remove these underlying causes so that your anxiety doesn’t limit you in situations today and doesn’t come back in new situations in the future.

Effective therapy creates change that generalizes across different triggers and all areas of your life, with results that last well into the future. Therapy that fails to do this is less efficient and, in the end, more costly. It is like a quick-fix fad diet vs. developing healthy eating habits- one produces momentary change, the other long-lived, wider ranging, benefits.

ShiftGrit Psychology & Counselling - anxiety treatment

How long will it take and how much will it cost?

Therapy with ShiftGrit is both a financial and time commitment and is by no means an overnight solution- but there’s a reason for that. Just like in achieving sustained physical health takes commitment to a healthy lifestyle, optimal mental health takes consistent work and requires an excellent therapy approach.

Once the foundation is established by re-calibrating your mind, you develop more focus, more motivation to plan and achieve your goals, more resilience to deal with life’s stressors and a better mood. Imagine if all of the mental energy and time you spend on managing your anxiety were available for you to realize your purpose and enjoy your life instead? Developing your mind is the key to success and happiness- our therapy has a wild return on investment.