Defy Gravity, Embrace Yourself: Floating Entrepreneurs Matthew Smith and Jamie Phillips on the Magic of the Tank

See Nothing, Feel Nothing, Experience…Everything.

Twelve inches of water, half a ton of salt, 34-degree water, that’s all. No sound. No light. No sensory input. Just you and your thoughts.

Whether that sounds divine or demonic, this conversation with Modern Gravity founders Matthew Smith and Jamie Phillips, Shift Clinician Zac Erickson, and Shift Operations Manager offers new perspectives on the experience of floating — the good, the weird and the downright trippy.

Smith and Phillips discuss the history of floating, its myriad health benefits, and the scientific studies supporting the glowing results they’ve witnessed firsthand in their Edmonton centre.

Floating Therapy

Sensory Deprivation - Floating Therapy

While many tout the physical benefits of floating that make it a go-to recovery treatment for athletes, its real power lies in the opportunity it offers for deep introspection.

Like other forms of mindfulness-based self-care, such as meditation and yoga, floating offers a safe environment in which you can face your limiting beliefs, stressors and fears.

Plus: Hang around for the final segment and discover what it was like for Zac to experience his first float.