Cancer: Moving Forward Emotionally (with Michelle Okere; CEO of Compassion House Foundation)

Cancer Survivor – Moving Forward Emotionally

On this episode of The Shift Show, Shift psychologist Sarah O’Brien sits down with Michele Okere, the CEO of Compassion House Foundation, to try and understand the emotional journey that many individuals experience during their cancer treatment and recovery. 

Michelle and Sarah discuss some of the common and even surprising, emotions that cancer survivors experience, from guilt to relief. They also take a look at some tips to help cancer survivors with emotional regulation and coping. 

An important aspect of cancer recovery is social support; Michelle and Sarah explore some of the ways that friends and family can support cancer survivors in their lives and some of the ways that this can be challenging for both parties.

Cancer Survivor

Compassion House Foundation is a wonderful organization that provides a number of programs and supports for women accessing cancer treatment in Alberta, through Sorrentino’s Compassion House.

To learn more about common emotions during cancer recovery, emotional regulation strategies and more, check out the episode! You can also check out our blog: The Psychological Impact of Cancer Recovery: Moving Forward.