We love art.

The connection between art and psychology is undeniable as art, in all its forms, is a way we express the inner workings of our minds. Art is therapy. Art is release. Similar to how the Shift protocol targets our deepest-rooted traumas, art can allow us to access the deepest parts of ourselves, both as an artist and as a viewer. Either that, or it just looks cool. Both work.

We had been working on our website redesign and brainstorming different ideas. As you probably noticed, websites contain imagery, and we, as do a lot of other businesses, make use of stock photos you can buy online. Because let’s be realistic, not a lot of businesses have images like the ones you see online on hand, or have the time or resources to create them.  

A friend of one of our team members is a local artist and shared the impacts of the pandemic with her. Because of the nature of their work, tattoo artists (or their employers) had to close up their shops and many other artists were impacted too. 

As you’ll recall, we were working on our website, and websites need images. So we figured we should take this opportunity to support artists by purchasing art from them instead of from large stock websites. Art and psychology are both mediums of expression. Our clients all think, feel and express in different ways and we wanted to carry these different forms of expression throughout our website. So we purchased a bunch of art from artists across Canada, each with their own unique styles. 

We were positively overwhelmed with the response we got when we reached out. We saw some beautiful pieces of art and this page is dedicated to the artists whose art you see throughout our website. They are all super talented and we are honoured to get to showcase their work.