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Mike asked 4 years ago

I have many issues surrounding trauma and PTSD. I have a fairly large history with therapy and different therapists, so I am quite particular about the style of counselling online and the fit with the psychologist I see. Does Shift have the opportunity to engage in a free consultation before I take the leap and book an appointment? I have a very strict budget and would not be opposed to free counselling online 🙂 but if not are there any financing opportunities or sliding-scale discounts you provide?

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ShiftGrit Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Mike,

While Shift does not offer free online counselling “per se”, we provide a lot of information about our method and psychologists during your initial call with us. We also provide all of this information on our website, so you can learn about our unique therapy, or get to know our therapists before starting your sessions.

Please call 780.705.6471(Edmonton) or 587.352.6463(Calgary) to find out more.