Ask A Therapist OnlineCategory: Cognitive Behavioral TherapyHow is your method based in Cognative behavioral therapy (CBT)?
Trina asked 4 years ago

I’ve had some friends tell me recently that Cognative Behavioral Therapy really worked for them. They liked it’s goal-oriented and practical approach to treatment. I understand that I must be able to have my thoughts challenged in an effort to fully understand the scope of my emotional problems. Could you tell me more about how CBT fits into Shift treatment?

1 Answers
ShiftGrit Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Trina,

Our method is steeped in scientifically proven modalities. We utilize a combination of a variety of effective techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Bilateral Stimulation, and exposure therapy. CBT is an accepted theory for many presenting concerns in therapy. It is intended to change and reframe people’s negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviours to positive thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. By recognizing the limiting beliefs at play and the behaviours, thoughts and cognitions that are associated with the belief our clients get an accurate view of some of the obstacles they have been trying to tackle for years.

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