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Aaron Blackburn - Registered Social Worker/ Therapist

Like all Shift Clinicians, Aaron is trained in the Shift Protocol, which systematically reduces and/or eliminates Limiting Beliefs using Reconditioning via Exposure & Integration (REI) (more commonly referred to as Reprocessing)

What is your name?

Aaron Blackburn

What do you do at Shift?

I provide therapy for people from all walks of life, whether you come as an individual, a couple or a family. In therapy, I work with you to understand and change the thoughts and behaviours that keep you stuck, and to develop skills to cope with your difficulties. I create a friendly and supportive space where you can be yourself and achieve your goals.

What are your academic credentials?

I am a licensed clinical social worker and have a Masters of Social Worker from the University of Calgary. I have training and experience providing dialectical

Why did you decide to become a therapist?

Hi, I’m Aaron and I’m a therapist who is passionate about behaviour science. Ever since I was young, I was fascinated by how our thoughts, feelings, and actions shape our lives. I wanted to understand the science behind human behaviour and how we can change it for the better. That’s why I got a license in clinical social work, where I learned to apply the latest scientific knowledge and methods to improve people’s mental health. For more than a decade, I have been helping people cope with various mental health challenges: anxiety, depression, self-esteem, burnout, relationships, and life transitions. I enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and I always strive to be respectful, empathetic, and curious. I became a therapist because I love seeing people grow and overcome their difficulties. I became a therapist because I want to share the benefits of behaviour science with you.

What do you bring to your therapy sessions, and what are some goals?

I bring relatability to clients who face barriers or stigma in seeking mental health services. Some people may feel reluctant and uncomfortable to access therapy due to social norms, expectations, or stereotypes about who therapy is for. As a male clinical social worker I could help those who are new to seeking or looking for something different feel more at ease, understood and supported in their journey of recovering from life's challenging and building the skills to take on the next ones confidently. My goals include providing competent and inclusive services, to provide culturally competent therapy, and to continue learning and expanding on my professional development.

Who do you work with?

I have work with clients of any gender who are 15 years old or older. However, I do have the most experience working with teenagers of any gender, and men of all ages and diversities.

Why are you passionate about what you do?

My framework as a therapist is based on the values of demystifying, destigmatizing, accessibility, freedom, and truth. I believe that therapy should be a transparent, respectful, and empowering process that helps clients understand themselves and their challenges, overcome the barriers and stigma they face, access the resources and support they need, make choices that align with their goals and values, and discover their authentic selves. This framework fuels my passion for helping others heal and grow.

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy playing a lot of baseball throughout Edmonton on my spare time, as it is one of my favourite sports. I love the thrill of hitting a home run or catching a fly ball. In the summer, I also like to play golf and volleyball with my friends, as they are fun and relaxing activities. When I’m not playing sports, I like to challenge my mind with chess, practice my musical skills with the drums, explore the nature and beauty of the river valley, or have some fun gaming with my buddies. In the winter, I cherish spending time with my family, especially during the holidays. I also like to ski in the mountains whenever I get a chance, as it is an exhilarating and refreshing experience.

What is a skill that you are currently working on?

My goal as a male social worker is to demystify and destigmatize therapy for my clients and others. I use four skills to achieve this goal: education, empowerment, advocacy, and self-awareness. Education means sharing facts and insights about mental health, substance use, and therapy, and busting myths and stereotypes that create fear and confusion. Empowerment means helping clients tap into their strengths and resources, and cheering them on as they cope and grow. Advocacy means standing up for clients’ rights and interests, and fighting for social justice and change. Self-awareness means examining my own views and experiences related to these topics, and learning from feedback and support.

What motivates or inspires you?

I am motivated and inspired by my close friends and family, who have been with me through thick and thin. My friends inspire me through the valuable lessons they have taught me over the years, such as not to take life too seriously, and to lean on others when life gets challenging. These lessons motivate me to pursue my career goals with confidence and resilience, knowing that I have a strong support system to catch me if I fall. Becoming a therapist is my way of sharing my inspiration on to others, by helping them cope with their difficulties and achieve their potential.

Available for:

Anxiety | Trauma and PTSD | Relationship Issues | Coping Skills | Depression | Exposure Therapy | Anger Management | Codependency | Coping Skills | Masculinity | Family Conflict | Self-esteem | Life Transitions | Parents that have children with Developmental Disabilities | Self Esteem | Stress | and much more...


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